Main Menu

Our menu is based upon locally sourced and seasonably available products. The best organic food is what’s grown closest to you – and it tastes better!

Appetisers & Starters

  • Bread and Olives (V)

    Selected olives with warm bread and aged balsamic vinegar and olive oil

  • Pork Souvlaki

    Tender pieces of free range pork marinated in an authentic blend of herbs and spices, lemon juice and virgin olive oil. Simply griddled and served with Greek Yogurt cucumber dip and warm Pitta bread

  • Field Mushroom and Stilton Melt (V) (GF)

    A large field mushroom smothered in melted Stilton cheese and creamy peppercorn sauce.

  • Home Made Soup of the Day (V)

    Freshly made in our kitchen using seasonal ingredients served with a warm baguette

  • Seafood Basket (enough for 2)

    Deep fried pieces of crispy peppered squid, prawns, calamari and cod pieces served with salad garnish and sweet chilli dip.

  • Creamy Baked Camembert (V) (enough for 2)

    French Camembert oven baked, flavoured with garlic and thyme served with a warm baguette

Speciality Home made Pies

  • Shepherd's (Rest) Pie - Our Signature Dish

    A traditional slow cooked filling of minced lamb, carrots and herbs. Served with seasonal vegetables

  • Steak and Ale Pie

    Slowly braised steak cooked in Theakston's best bitter. All the flavours captured in a rich gravy

  • Chicken and Smoked Bacon Pie

    Chicken breast poached in cider with smoked bacon in a creamy tarragon and wholegrain mustard sauce.

  • Glyn's Special Fish Pie

    A family feast of flavours. Chunky pieces of haddock, salmon, smoked haddock and prawns in a Vermouth and tarragon white sauce. Topped with slices of tender potato

  • Pork, Smoked Bacon and Apple Pie

    A savoury not sweet blend of flavours. Tender free-range pork pieces and smoked bacon in a mouth-watering sauce.

  • Vegetarian Pie (V)

    Sweet potato, butternut squash and the best seasonal vegetables in a creamy and tasty sauce.


Our 6oz Burgers are all served on a toasted Ciabatta bun with mayonnaise, sliced tomato, pickled gherkin and red onion.
Served with our hand cut chips or fries and home made coleslaw

  • 'Shepherds Rest' Burger

    Our special minted lamb burger

  • Beef Steak

    Our own prime Beef burger simply served with or without the salad topping

  • Buttermilk Chicken

    Marinated and bread-crumbed fillet of chicken goujons with Garlic mayo

  • Classic American

    Prime Beef burger topped with bacon and cheese and BBQ sauce

  • Crazy Mexican

    Beef burger topped with Chorizo, Mexicana Cheese and Jalapenos peppers

  • Spinach Falafel (V)

    A delicate blend of chickpeas, spinach and onion

Pub Classics

  • Hunter's Chicken

    Succulent chicken breast and smoked bacon topped with BBQ sauce and melted Cheddar cheese, with hand cut chips or fries and garden peas

  • Free Range Pork Sausages and creamy mash

    8oz of our free-range pork sausages made to our own recipe. In a rich, red onion gravy with creamy mash and garden peas

  • Hand Battered Fish and Chips

    Choice fillets of fish in a crispy home-made beer batter, traditionally served with hand cut chips or fries, tartar sauce and a choice of garden or mushy peas.

  • Whole Tail Scampi

    Prime scampi tails bread crumbed and deep fried with salad garnish, tartar sauce, garden peas and hand cut chips or fries

  • Pan Fried Fillet of Salmon

    A choice cut of Atlantic salmon fillet. Served on a bed of spinach and spring onions, with garden peas and crushed new potato.

  • Salmon and Prawn Tagliatelle

    Prime salmon supreme simply pan fried and served on a bed of tagliatelle pasta in an Arrabiata tomato sauce

  • Home Cured Gammon Ham and eggs

    Free-range pork, hand-cured, roasted and sliced. Served with two eggs, grilled tomato, garden peas and hand cut chips of fries

  • Battered Haloumi (V)

    Succulent slices of cheese in a crispy beer batter, served with hand cut chips, mushy peas, lemon wedge, tartar sauce and hand cut chips or fries


Our Beef steaks are locally supplied and a minimum 21 day matured. Cooked as you like it and classically served with grilled tomato, field mushrooms, battered onion rings and our hand cut chips or fries. Why not add a sauce accompaniment?

  • 12oz Rump Steak
  • 8oz Sirloin Steak
  • 14oz Pork Chops

    Free Range Pork chop, grilled and served with apple fritters and hand cut chips or fries

  • Peri-Peri Chicken

    1/2 Roast Chicken on the bone, brushed with our Peri-Peri sauce and slowly roasted. Served with home-made coleslaw, corn on the cob and hand cut chips or fries.


Spicy flavours that hit the spot. All can be served a choice of Basmati rice, fragrant Cous-Cous, our hand cut chips or classic fries

  • Chicken Jalfrezi

    Chicken breast pieces slow cooked with chilli, onions, ginger, cumin, coriander and tomatoes

  • Chunky Beef Chilli

    Pieces of prime chunk steak, slowly oven cooked with fresh chilli, tomato and kidney beans

  • Butternut and Chickpea Tagine (V)

    Chunks of butternut squash, carrots, courgettes and tomatoes, slow cooked in a blend of Moroccan spices 

  • Spiced Vegetable Biriyani (V)

    Sweet potato, cauliflower, green beans, roasted cashew nuts and onions. Cooked with Basmati rice and served with a side of vegetable curry sauce

Light Bites

Served Tuesday to Friday, 12 noon to 2:30pm and 5pm to 6:30pm

£7.50 or 2 for £12.00

  • Mini Fish and Chips

    Battered fish fillet with hand cut chips or fries and garden or mushy peas.

  • Scampi and Chips

    Whole tail scampi lightly crumbed and deep fried with hand cut chips or fries and garden peas

  • Sausage and Mash

    Prime pork sausage on a bed of creamy mash with onion gravy and garden peas

  • Gammon Ham, Egg and Chips

    Home roasted and carved gammon with a free-range egg and hand cut chips or fries

Warm Baguettes

Oven baked Barra Gallega bread served with a salad garnish and filled with a choice of:

  • 6oz Top rump steak and caramelised onions
  • Homemade Fish Finger goujons and tomato sauce
  • Prime sausage, mustard & caramelised onion
  • Chicken breast, smoked bacon, lettuce & tomato
  • Smoked bacon and mature Brie & cranberry sauce

Jacket Potatoes

Classic oven baked Jacket Potatoes (V)
with a choice of filling choose from:

1 topping - £6.50 or, with 2 toppings - £7.50

Cheddar Cheese / Baked Beans/
Spicy Chilli / Homemade coleslaw / Tuna


White slices Bloomer Bread served with a salad garnish and filled with your choice of filling:

  • Prawns in Marie Rose sauce
  • Tuna Mayo
  • Hand Carved Ham
  • Mature Cheddar with red onion or tomato
  • Chip Cobs (V)
    3.50. With cheese: £4


  • Hand Cut Chips
    2.75. With cheese: 3.00
  • Garlic Bread
    2.75. With cheese: £3.00
  • Coleslaw or Onion Rings
  • Sweet Potato Fries or New Potatoes
  • Creamy Mash
  • Side Salad
  • Corn on the Cob or Bread Basket
  • Pepper Sauce
  • Diane Sauce
  • Blue Cheese Sauce

Many of our dishes can be prepared gluten free, so please ask for advice.
All dishes are offered subject to availability. All weights quoted are for uncooked products. Dish descriptions may not list every ingredient. (V) dishes are suitable for vegetarians. Whilst we take every care to preserve the integrity of our products, we must advise that these products are handled in a multi-product kitchen environment. Meat, poultry and fish dishes may contain bone / shell. If you suffer from an allergy, please make us aware as our dishes may not list every ingredient. All dishes are prepared in a kitchen where products containing nuts, seeds and other allergens are prepared. This means that we are not able to fully guarantee that our food will not contain traces of a specific allergen.

Upon request our staff will be able to give further information on specific products and cook methods so that you are able to make an informed decision as to whether a dish is likely to be suitable for you. 

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